Pansexual Pride Flag

Pansexual Pride Flag

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Pansexual Pride Flag

It's always a fantastic feeling to have a flag which represents you and your community. That's the reason why the Tumblr user justjasper created this Pansexual Pride Flag in 2010. To distinguish a Pan community from a bisexual one.

You truly respect a bisexual people, but you don't feel like one of them. You're a Pansexual. You deserve to be represented individually. That's the purpose of this Pansexual Flag.

There are three colors on Pan Flag, and each of them symbolizes something else.

Pink - The pink color symbolizes the female spectrum.

Blue -  The blue is for the male spectrum.

Yellow - The yellow stands for a non-binary attraction. This color represents life and happiness in many cultures. It helps to diversify the flag from the Bi flag.

If you wish to show your true sexuality and not to be considered as a bisexual, this Pansexual flag is the right for you.

Material: Polyester
Size: 90*150cm / 60*90cm

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