Lesbian Pride Flag

Lesbian Pride Flag

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 You definitely love a rainbow flag and community around it, but it feels like you need something more connected to your own sexual identity? This Lesbian Pride Flag is what you´re searching for. 

There are no widely recognized flags for homosexual women, but this Lesbian Flag is starting to be considered in the LGBT community.  

This is a derive interpretation of the Lipstick Lesbian Flag, which was made to represent Lesbians who have a more feminine gender spectrum. When we remove the Lipstick, we have a unique Pride Flag for Lesbian Women with various shades of pink, red and a white stripe in the middle. 

Lesbian Community

How often do you hear: "Being a lesbian is a choice and can be changed!" or "You just haven´t met the right man yet?".

We know the truth, but it´s really hard to explain to others. They don´t believe in our words and It can become very frustrating. But there´s one thing we can do. 

We need to increase the awareness of Lesbians among society. We need to take our own Lesbian Pride Flag and Show the world a reality - We love bodies of women and it's not a sexual confusion.

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Flags & Banners Material: Polyester
Sizes: 60 x 90 cm, 90 x 150cm


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