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We are your One-Stop shop for LGBTQ Pride Jewelry. Gaypridehub offers an array of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender products including Jewelry, Clothing, Flags, Stickers, home decor and more. WHAT ARE OUR GOALS?   - We´re proud to provide the excellent costumer-friendly service, notably affordable prices, and top LGBT products for your Pride! - Thanks to the FREE worldwide shipping we´re able to bring Pride Merch to you wherever you are. - We want to express LGBTQ+ community to voice who they are and who they love. - The best gifts for yourself, your lover or friend to support our case. - Always be ready for Gay Pride Events to show your voice.   It´s still impossible to marry your lover in a lot of states. The world starts to notice LGBT people as it´s part, but we´re not in the same rights as heterosexual people. That´s the reason for showing our rainbows - To accomplish the Equality for our Community.