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5 Greatest LGBT Adoption Resources You Need To Know About


Love comes in many shapes, sizes and colors, as do families. Today many LGBT couples are starting families of their own through adoption. However, some couples face road blocks that are created by prejudices in the system. If you are LGBT couple that is ready to start a family and need a little help getting the ball rolling then these resources can help to get you pointed in the right direction.

Gay Parent Magazine

Gay Parent Magazine

The first resource that you can access is the Gay Parent Magazine. This magazine is dedicated to the special needs of gay parents. It offers great information about gay parenting, about gay adoption and about overcoming the normal problems associated with parenting. You can order a subscription to this magazine or browse through their archive online.


Family Focus Adoption Services

When you are ready to adopt a baby it is important to find an adoption agency that will meet your needs when it comes to support, guidance and infant placement. Family Focus Adoption Services is a great agency to consider. They have been a LGBT friendly adoption agency for a long time and they even have special LGBT adoption programs set up to help you through the process.

Gay Parents

Family Pride Coalition

If you are just starting on your journey for information about LGBT adoption options, or if you have hit a stumbling block on your journey to adoption, then the Family Pride Coalition can help you. They are dedicated to helping LGBT families to overcome the red tape involved in adoption and to assist LGBT families to be connected with children who need a good home. They offer advice, articles and resource lists.


Families Like Ours

Lesbian Parents

One of the best resources for LGBT families looking to adopt is Families Like Ours. This non-profit organization is a great resource for information. They have lists of adoption agencies that are LGBT friendly, as well as an amazing library of articles about gay adoption.


Friends in Adoption

Friends in Adoption

Another great non-profit organization to contact when you are ready to adopt a child is Friends in Adoption. This agency is a full-service adoption agency. They have been in business since 1982 and they have a great track record. In fact, they place between 40 and 50 infants in adoptive homes each year. Before you can apply for an adoption you will need to take an adoption workshop which will walk you through the adoption process, it will educate you about Friends in Adoption and it will help prepare you for your adoption journey.

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